How Can I get Away Taking a Sick Day (Sickie)?

At this time when there are a lot of festivities that are ongoing, you may feel the need to skip work and attend some of them. There are some days that you will not be in the mood to go to work and all you want to do is to lie back and take a nap. Here are some of the excuses that you can use to ensure that you get away with a ‘sickie’:

  • Menstrual pain: It common knowledge that there are instances when the menstrual pain will get too severe, making it impossible for you to concentrate on your assigned tasks. As a lady, you can call your boss and feign period pain and get your sick day off. Some people may see this as a mockery of the people who suffer from intense period pain but if it will work for you, it is a great option.
  • Stomach flu: this is one of the excuses that will make your boss grant an off day without any further inquiries. Everyone at the office will want to stay as far away from you as possible so that they do not get the flu. The disadvantage with such an excuse is that no one will want to have a close contact with you until you are completely ‘healed’.
  • Family crisis: avoid making excuses that will seem as though you are tempting fate like claiming the death of a loved one. You should be creative enough to come up with excuses such as a sibling who is distressed and make it so elaborate that your boss will lose interest in hearing the details and grant you the day off.
  • Broken water pipe: you can inform your boss that one of the water pipes in your house is broken and you have to stay back to allow the plumber to carry out the necessary repairs. Ensure that you do not give an excuse which is if interest to the boss as he may spend the better part of the next working day asking about the problem.

There are other reasons that you can give so that you can get away with a sickie such as a migraine or even a dogs adoption day. Make the reason appear real so that your boss will never suspect you were lying to him.