Celebrities Who Had a One Night Stand with other Celebrities

Just like every other human being, celebrities find themselves in a state where they fall into temptation and end up in a hotel room. Rumors about such occurrences spread really fast through social media platforms. Below are the names of some celebrities who have had a one night stand with other celebrities:

50 Cent & Chelsea Handler

Chelsea has not been afraid of talking about her one night hook up with 50 Cent. She went ahead to confirm the rumors about the hook up when she claimed that she had received some gifts from 50 Cent but she sent them back to him claiming that she is not impressed by men who buy stupid gifts for her even before they get acquainted.

Ashton Kutcher & Rihanna

There were reports that claimed that Rihanna was spotted at Ashton Kutcher’s residence in response to a booty call. As Rihanna pulled up as Ashton’s pad, someone took a photo and posted it online and according to the sources, she left early in the morning after spending the night in Kutcher’s house. There were rumors that Ashton’s marriage was on the verge of breakup which made the rumor about the one night stand with Rihanna more vivid.

James Marsden & Rose Costa

After getting a divorce, Marsden and Rose Costa met when he was in Miami for a vacation and according to the reports given; they were together the whole night. Costa had a boyfriend by the name Chris Santos when all this was happening and unfortunately, she got pregnant and now has a son for James Marsden.

Kim Kardashian & Nick Cannon

After breaking up with Ray, Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon spent the night in his bedroom. The two- were debating about getting into a relationship but when cannon learned of Kardashian’s sex tape, he broke the relationship. Kardashian had lied to Cannon that there was no sex tape but she was unlucky when Vivid made the footage public.

Other celebrities who have had a one night stand are Florence Henderson & John Lindsay, Mario Lopez & Britney Spears, and Leonardo DiCaprio & Bobbie Brown, among others.